Foldable Portable Indoor Tripod Baby Clothes Drying Rack for Hanging Laundry


Core Strength
The improved coupling joint creates a stronger, more stable center post that is super-easy to put together.

Wider Stance
The base of the tripod now matches the top for better balance.

Extra Leg Support
As with the arms, additional supports in the legs and at pivots make the legs stronger and more stable.

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Product Information

  • 32 PCS Hang Spots
  • THE ORIGINAL indoor folding tripod clothes hanging rack for drying all of your baby laundry
  • FOLDS AND DISASSEMBLES easily to store when not in use or use  or travel with it
  • NEWLY REDESIGNED ARMS for even more strength and stability
  • HANGERS FIT THROUGH and on hanger slots for wrinkle free air drying

Tripod dryers revolutionize the way you do laundry. And the ORIGINAL tripod dryer from Simplist does it better than ever. Now, with redesigned arms for even better strength and stability! This sturdy tripod dryer has a patented design that guarantees you the best results. The tripod base is the most stable design for a standing dryer unit, allowing you to balance your clothing better. Its arms hold up to 32 items–even dresses–with hanger slots and holes for the most space possible. This means you can enjoy the energy-saving benefits of line drying without the fuss of lines and clips. Simply hang your clothing on hangers as normal—then hang the hangers on the tripod! This patented design moves your clothing from drying to closet effortlessly. So don’t be fooled by imitations. Get the best. Get the ORIGINAL. Get the versatile, sturdy, and attractive tripod clothes dryer. Brought to you by Household Essentials, where we work hard to bring you the best in laundry and storage now, then, and in years to come.



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